A different way to view the youth of this generation

Usually when we talk today about our teens and young adults, we get different view points, a lot of it is negative and maybe rightly so. In Chicago alone we hear on television, from the news channels, in newspapers, the internet, all remind and reinforce in our minds the crimes committed by our young people. Every now and then we will read about or see on the news some good things about our youth. However most of it is bad news. After murders we have marches in the communities, we have organizations at churches and community centers talking about how to stop what  is happening . Police seem unable to stop  the violence and a lot of people have given up saying” that’s just the way it is.” First of all I want to say that their are more teens and young adult’s doing good and positive things that we will never read or hear about . I believe from a spiritual standpoint in order to change the culture of the things that appear to be happening on a daily basis is each one of us as people must change the way we view and see our youth from within our heart. Regardless of  what the appearances show us, as  a nation we must behold the  Christ that is within them just as the Christ is within us. We have to behold the truth of who they are, God’s children expressing according to their own consciousness. Our job is to plant the seeds of truth silently with our thoughts, and allow that seed to grow into universal consciousness and dwell in the consciousness of our youth. Not only our thought’s, but our words, our feelings, our actions, and reactions, must all be on one accord. The truth is, in order to change our young people we must change ourselves. All of our children are extensions of us. Plant seeds of love instead of hate, peace in place of war, patients instead of intolerance. All that take place on the earth plane starts within each one of us, individually and collectively.Matthew 19:26 states”But Jesus said unto them,With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.”


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