Revealing the Spiritual Meaning of Bible Scripture

Let’s look for a moment at the bible from a different perspective.

What Bible do you use?People are familiar with the bible at some level from: parents, grandparents, church, religious friends, schools, etc. There are those who dedicate their lives to the study of the bible from Theologians to Ministers, to everyday Enthusiast that want information for their own spiritual enlightenment. Even Atheist and Agnostic read it to disprove any legitimacy in the book. Different Religions also study and compare their own beliefs to it. Say what you will the Bible is probably the most popular book on the planet for all sorts of reasons.

The Bible is a group of 66 books composed of the New Testament and Old Testament. Some Jewish religions believe in parts of the Old Testament called the Talmud and the Torah. Christian study and believe in both New and Old Testament. Different Christian religions of which there are many have different understandings in what the bible is saying. Our focus in this particular study is not to diminish any other religious or spiritual belief, but to share different perspectives about scripture verses, parables, allegories and the stories in general. For example the writing of certain words in the bible from names of people places and things to numbers used over and over in different stories. When we understand the esoteric or confidential meaning it transforms the reader inner awareness and reveals secrets never understood.

One important thing you should know is all real spiritual awareness comes from within the mind of each person seeking spiritual truths. What we are intending to do is to guide you through different scriptures and stories that do not seem to make practical or common sense. My self I’m probably like a lot of you just a regular person who has an interest in self-improvement and believe that spiritual discernment and understanding will bring me closer to my creator, to help realize the purpose of why I am here.

1 John 3: 2

Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.

Our site gives you the opportunity to ask, comment or answer questions related to bible scriptures and stories. We will read all inquires and comments to decide if we will put it on the site. Once we accept your post, you will get different perspectives from our community of bible enthusiasts. Our community will give feedback without judgement or criticism about your questions, comments or answers. Please keep your comments positive and don’t post anything negative or derogatory. We appreciate you joining us on our spiritual quest for enlightenment.

Scriptures From a Mystical Point of View

All Scripture teaches us about the 3 basic principles of life, Creator, Creating, and Creation. Creator, as in God or Father, Creating as in Holy Spirit or Comforter, Creation as in son or manifestation, represents the Trinity. Every book, story, allegory, parable in the bible are all about the secrets of creation in all sorts of guises, from Genesis to Revelations. The stories change but the message is the same.

The Bible is a mystical code book about everyone and everything in the universe. It teaches us that the Creator dwells within each of us and in everything. God is perfect, an as His creation we can duplicate this perfection if we choose. God cannot choose, all His creations are perfect, however as a human being having free will we can create whatever we choose, and to use our creations however we want.

All the people places and things in the bible represent different aspects of our individual soul. Soul represents all knowledge that we have acquired in our consciousness. All of our creations come from the soul.

Share your favorite bible scripture with our communityThis is how it works. The Creator within gives us a desire. The desire is invisible to our human senses but is alive and well within the womb of creation, the subconscious phase of our mind. This is where the creating process goes on. Having faith, belief, and a feeling that your desire has already been received and releasing it to God The Holy Spirit will bring forth your desire, your creation, into visible manifestation. A minister, named Rev Johnnie Colman would always say,” I Am the thinker that thinks the thought that creates the thing”. The thinker is the Creator within us, the thinking starts the creative process, the thought is the desire, and the thing is the creation.

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