Bible Stories

What stories do you like in the Bible.


what is mean by this scripture

nothing lasts forever

how to describe the title “nothing lasts forever”

Right Mind

What does being in your right mind from a spiritual perspective suggest?

Spiritual or religious

What is the difference in being Spiritual in opposed to being religious?

Let there be light

When and where does this class start and whats it about?

Enemies, backstabbers

What does the lord say about backstabbers, and hidden enemies

i have a question about cults

I am fed up with religion and recently have been looking at Echkankar which says even though it calls itself the religion of light and sound it isn't a religion but freedom etc. I started to think about cults and any spiritual organizations that say that their way is the only way is really a cult? So how does one move forward spirituality without getting mixed up in any cult as I am beginning to think they all are?


what does “in the fullness of time” mean??




How does gratitude fit into the plan of salvation,or does it?


What is the meaning of the word sin.

What does this Scripture mean to you?

"The kingdom of God does not come with careful observation, nor will people say, Here it is", or "There it is", because the kingdom of God is within you." LUKE 17:20-21


When asked “what is the true meaning of revelation”, I’d have to pose the question,WHAT IS TRUTH?


To you, what does it means in the bible when Jesus speaks of being about his Father's business, and how does the relate to us in this "day and time?"

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