115 days in the bible

is there a story of 115 days in the bible

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    Dear Anonymous I have been researching an meditating about the number 115 and although I was unable to find it in the bible I believe all numbers have a spiritual meaning. What spirit has revealed to me is this; 115 means 1+1+5=7 seven is a mystical number used in biblical writings. The number seven appears 494 times, from genesis through the sixtysix books of the bible. seven indicates perfection, completion,fullness in the world of phenomena. In Genesis God made heaven and earth in six day’s on the seventh day he rested. We are told to forgive not just seven times but seventy times seven, complete forgiveness. In the book,” The revealing word” by Charles Filmore; says seven refers to the divine law of perfection for the divine-natural man. Remember all numbers in the bible have spiritual meanings behind them. As what this means to you and I is this, whatever desire we have, after the spiritual work is done we rest, knowing through Divine understanding that our desire will be materialized in our life in due season. Our spiritual work is “seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.” The bible is a secret code book that will be revealed to him who has an ear let him here; spiritual discernment is the key. Hope this helps you on your spiritual unfoldment.

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