To you, what does it means in the bible when Jesus speaks of being about his Father's business, and how does the relate to us in this "day and time?"


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    Jesus was talking to his parents when he spoke those words.
    Joseph and Mary had been looking for Jesus for three days. Jesus was twelve
    years of age. When they returned to Jerusalem they found him in the temple
    sitting in the mist of doctors both hearing an asking them questions. All that
    heard were astonished at his understanding and answers. His mother asked him
    where have you been your father and I have been searching for you. Jesus
    answered saying don’t you know I must be about my Fathers business. What this
    means is Jesus is speaking as the Christ, Gods son. The Christ conscious is
    always about the father’s business. Jesus would say things like; I and the
    Father are one and; of myself I can do nothing the Father within me doeth the
    work; also He would say; when you see me you see the Father. The twelve years
    of age represents the twelve spiritual powers that when under the dominion of
    the Christ consciousness astonish and amaze everyone.The Christ conscious is within all of us. When we allow the Christ to express through us we will also be about the Father’s business< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

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    So are you implying that in that era, at the age of twelve everyone was endowed and under the dominion of the Christ Consciousness, and was about his “Father’s business”? That concept is interesting. I’ve always thought that in that particular era, boys reached the level of adulthood,and took on responsibilities of manhood. Therefore twelve was just another level of completion i.e. from childhood. But I think I am understanding more of what you are saying now as I read your comment from the level of New Thought!


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