scripture Acts 14:8-20

what is the meaning of this scripture

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    To understand this scripture it helps to understand the meaning of the city Iconium in Lycaonia. Iconium represents thoughts within us that are of a negative and emotional nature. Lycaonia means wolfland, shewolf represents undisciplined and unredeemed thoughts of the animal man nature. These thoughts when released to the word of truth are not always wise or stable, these emotions cannot be depended on. Lystra represents the dissolving process of adverse thoughts and conditions.The belief in inefficiency is symbolized by “impotent in his feet, a cripple from his mothers womb” feet represent understanding, Paul represents the Spirit of truth in our consciousness that redeems dis-ease in the body. the lesson is: Watch your emotional nature. do not esteem as miraculous, nor as of the gods, the great uplifts that come to you in moments of spiritual illumination, you are simply developing the inherent powers of your own being. Always remember spiritual priority, Jesus said “of myself I can do nothing, God within doeth the works” , it works in us the same way, God within you and I doeth the work. PS sorry it took so long to respond. be blessed.

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