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How can a Sister simplify her life spiritual?

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    When you make the decision to spiritualize your life, that is not only a big decision but a great decision. You are already on the path when you recognize that spiritual growth can help simplify your life. There is a presence and power within you at this very moment that is always ready to work through you as long as your human personality steps aside and let the true and rightful ruler be in charge of your life , world, and affairs. Somewhere in the bible it says,”greater is he that is within thee , than he that is within the world.” Once you make the decision to begin this spiritual quest for enlightenment there’s lot’s of inner work to be done on self. Prayer , study, meditation are some of the requirements. The list of qualities that you will need to use and express is long, however as you progress toward your goal things will be revealed to you. You will know when to say yes, and when to say no. “Matthew 11:30 states For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” There’s a book written by Emily Cady called, “Lessons in truth” This is a good book that can tell you much more than I can in this paragraph, Anyway congratulations on your spiritual unfoldment and God bless you.

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