I read the Bible because it is history; it is also prophecy. We all can profit from both; we draw important conclusions from the account it gives of a people’s past experience,and we are able to steer our course in life more clearly in the light of its prophetic utterances.

But the Bible is neither so much of the past nor of the future, as it is of the present. It is the Book of the hour. The experiences it records are primarily those of the soul life of humanity at large, and of every person in particular. It is an allegory true of all people.

The  Bible yields something when taken literally; more when read allegorically; most when understood symbolically. In its literal aspect it is often meaningless, and even absurd. I believe it is so intended. By this device the earnest seeker is sooner or later inevitably led on into a non-literal quest, in which direction alone the deeper soul values are to be found.

This method of hiding truths is common to all Sacred Scriptures of the world, to many of the most esoteric works, and to some literary productions in which an Initiate has chosen to embody cryptic signatures for the benefit of those who have the grace to find them.

With  Love being my greatest challenge in Life, I’ve found through reading the Bible, there is one greater; that is Understanding!


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